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Microsoft Excel 2019 Specialist


A Fantastic combination of Online and Personal training. Simple and Effective way of Learning wherein you can download the practice files and while watching the video lectures you can practice so that you can practically learn the concepts.During the course at anytime you can connect on WhatsApp to clear your doubts. If you need additional explanation of any of the sections then you can connect on a Live Zoom session and get your doubts cleared. Once you complete the course you will give 2 practice exams. Syllabus Importing Data Navigate within workbooks Format worksheets and workbooks Customize options and Views Configure content for collaboration Manipulate data in worksheets Format cells and ranges Define and reference named ranges Summarize data visually Create & Format tables Total, Filter & Sort tables ranges Cell Referencing and Formulas Charts This course includes: 55 Video Lecturers 26 Downloadable Resources Access on Mobile, Ipads, Laptops and Computers Live Zoom session to solve your Queries WhatsApp Support for Queries & Feedback 2 Practice Exams One Year Validity



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